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Please find key information about The HealthTech Award, the NOBEL Project, the HealthTech TAB & the MedTech Forum which hosts the Prize Ceremony.

About the HealthTech Award 2020.

The #HealthTechAward2020 will honor the most promising game changers developing emerging technologies for healthcare in Europe, and offer them larger visibility and recognition. Three categories will be rewarded this year: best concept/invention, best product/deal and a special prize from the HealthTech TAB (Translation Advisory Board). Applications are open to all innovators based in Europe: academia, start-up companies, SMEs, industries, private inventors, and to all emerging HealthTech : nanomedicine, advanced materials, photonics, robotics, electronics, digital health, etc. The prize ceremony will take place on April 20-22, 2021, in plenary session of the MedTech Forum 2021, the leading European event of the MedTech industry. The HealthTech Award 2020 is organized by the NOBEL Project and hosted by the MedTech Forum.

About the NOBEL Project

NOBEL is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the grant agreement #766492 of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. From precision engineering to smart connected HealthTech, and from academic research to the clinic, NOBEL is creating an European HealthTech ecosystem, for the convergence of nanomedicine with photonics, robotics, biomaterials, smart systems, Digital Health and Textile. NOBEL has three main missions (i) ECOSYSTEM: building a unique meeting place for all stakeholders from academia to industry, SMEs, clinicians and policy makers (ii) STRATEGY: shaping a common vision for the future of HealthTech in Europe, the Continuum of Integrated Care, integrating the separate roadmaps of individual technologies, and showing how concretely  these medical technologies may improve the whole journey of patients, for a more, preventive, predictive, personalized and sustainable medicine. (iii) SUPPORT TO INNOVATION: accelerating transfer to market of the most useful disruptive medical innovation, through to the HealthTech TAB (Translation Advisory Board), a premium mentoring service offering free-of-charge tailored support to selected innovations by our team of world-class industry experts.

About the HealthTech TAB

The HealthTech TAB is a unique mentoring service in Europe, boosting selected HealthTech inventions to transform them into successful businesses. It is funded and managed by the NOBEL Project. The HealthTech TAB:

  • gives access to world-class expertise from former managers from Pharma and Medtech industry, successful entrepreneurs, heads of innovation agencies, etc.
  • offers custom support: IP management, regulatory aspects, business development, market access, scale-up, team building, fund raising, etc.
  • is open to all: start-up, SMEs, academics, individual entrepreneurs, industry, etc.
  • is free-of-charge for its beneficiaries, as a service funded by the E.C. through the NOBEL Project
  • has already supported +110 projects and helped its beneficiaries to raise +15Moi€ in fundraising


About the MedTech Forum 2021

The MedTech Forum 2021 will be held in Barcelona, on April 20-22, 2021. The MedTech Forum is the largest health and medical technology industry conferences in Europe and a key event since 2007. Join industry leaders, leading innovators and investors to discuss the future opportunities in the medical technology sector. It is organized by MedTech Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The organization team of the HealthTech Award 2020 is at your service for any other issue. Please find the main questions we’ve been asked

Who can apply for the HealthTech Award?

Applications are open to all innovators based in Europe: academia, start-up companies, SMEs, industries, private inventors, and to all emerging HealthTech : nanomedicine, advanced materials, photonics, robotics, electronics, digital health, etc.

Until when can i apply?

DEADLINE EXTENSION : applications to the HealthTech Award are now open until December 31, 2020, 23h59 (CET)!

What till the awardees of the healthtech award 2020 win?
  • Free registration for MedTech Forum 2021 for 2 delegates
  • Pitch in plenary session at MedTech Forum 2021
  • Free-of-charge exhibition space at MedTech Forum within the NOBEL Project booth
  • Fast-track access to the HealthTech TAB (if relevant)
  • Dedicated promotion actions (MTE, NOBEL, ETPN) : websites, social networks, PR, etc.

Learn more about the Prize pool of the HealthTech Award 2020 by clicking here.

How & when will I be notified of the results of the competition?

You will receive official confirmation as soon as we have checked the eligibility of your application. The jury of the HealthTech Award 2020 will evaluate all the applications between December 10 & December 21. Winners will be notified immediately and invited to join the HealthTech Award Ceremony during the MedTech Forum 2021 event on April 20-22, 2021 .

What do you define as Health technologies?

HealthTech refer to any technology, device or digital solution designed to improve the health of patients. Among them are: nanomedicine, biotechnologies, biomaterials & advances materials, photonics, robotics, smart systems applied to healthcare & digital health.

HealthTech development notably refers to:

  • Medical devices, i.e. products intended to perform a therapeutic or diagnostic action on human beings by physical means.
  • In vitro diagnostic systems, non-invasive assays analysing biomarkers of pathologies in biological samples
  • Digital health solutions.
How can I choose the Category I am applying for?

Only two categories are open for applications for the HealthTech Award:

  • Best concept/invention : your product is not on the market yet
  • Best product / deal: your solution is rather in its early stages of development or currently ongoing clinical development

Don't worry since the application process is the same for both categories.

Please note that the 3rd category is a special prize given by the HealthTech Advisory Board to one of its ex or current beneficiaries. Therefore, you are not eligible unless you have benefitted from our custom mentoring program, a case in which you do not have to apply for this special prize.



How is the confidentiality of my application ensured?

The NOBEL Project has a long experience in dealing with emerging medical innovation, notably having supported dozens of SMEs and entrepreneurs. By applying for the HealthTech Award, we accept the following terms & conditions:

(1) all data transmitted in the application form concerning the project/product/company will be used only for the purpose of evaluation and selection of the winners of the HealthTech Award 2020.

(2) all data concerning the project/product/company will be used only for the purpose of evaluating the project/product and determining the winner of the HealthTech Award 2020.

(3) this data will not be communicated outside the NOBEL Project Coordination team which organizes this Award, and the HealthTech Award 2020 jury members. In particular, in no case will these data be transmitted to external partners nor be used outside the framework of this evaluation, except upon prior written expression and for promotion of the Award purpose only.

(4) the personal data of the contact person submitting the application form will be handled and processed with respect to the current GDPR policy. It will not be transmitted to anyone outside the NOBEL Coordination team or re-used for any other people.

(5) the NOBEL Project is only liable to provide the 3 winners of the award with the prizes detailed in the dedicated section of the HealthTech Award 2020 website, based on the data collected during the application process. It does not warrant any result or further commitment with the applicant nor their company/institution.

Get the great exposition you deserve!

The winners of the HealthTech Awardees 2020 will benefit from unique advantages to raise awareness about their project among all the key opinion leaders of the MedTech industry in Europe.

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